making sense of the world

through innovations in machine perception


Impressive Machines knows how to recognize patterns in sensor data

Machine Learning

Using the latest techniques in machine learning we can automatically recognize important patterns across multiple data sources and provide functionally relevant information to an application level.

Audio & Video Recognition

We have extensive experience in computer vision and sound recognition. Examples include recognizing and tracking people, objects, and locations; and for audio, detecting non-verbal environment sounds.

Embedded Solutions

We have experience with ARM and AVR32 hardware and software development and can integrate sensor hardware with real-time processing and rich connectivity to create stand-alone intelligent devices.


Smart Sensors

Coupling embedded processors to new sensor devices creates intelligent hardware that eases system design.

Internet of Things

Intelligent networked devices must combine real-time information from multiple sensors to detect functionally relevant events.


Robots need to fuse data from multiple sensors and build models in order to make appropriate decisions about their environment.

Intelligent Apps

Leveraging the multitude of existing sensors in a mobile phone can allow apps to be more aware of a user’s environment and behavior.

We offer consultancy services and an upcoming product portfolio

Modern technology facilitates increasingly more intelligent devices which can benefit from information gathered from multiple sensors. High performance computing is now available in tiny form factors and with very low power requirements, while new sensor technologies allow many kinds of environmental cues to be monitored in real-time. This opens up the way to compute more complex and abstract information about what actions are occuring in the neighborhood of a mobile device, or relating to how such a device is being used. New forms of smart data integration therefore enable rich and exciting new user interactivity scenarios.