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At Impressive Machines we combine electronics hardware design, and production management expertise with technical capabilities in software, machine learning, and AI. We target smart devices, from custom embedded control boards, to smart sensors, to autonomous robots. If the product or prototype requires a mixture of hardware and the latest signal processing or machine learning techniques then we are interested.

Read more about our core skills below.

Embedded Solutions

We have experience with ARM and 8-bit hardware and software development and can integrate sensor, networking and peripheral hardware with real-time processing and rich connectivity to create intelligent devices on Linux or custom platforms.

Machine Learning

Using the latest techniques in AI, machine learning, computer vision, and neural networks we can automatically recognize important patterns across multiple data sources and provide functionally relevant information to an application level. We are experts at optimizing such technology on embedded platforms, GPUs, and FPGAs, in C/C++, Python, and assembler.

Control Systems for Robotics

We have designed a variety of real time systems to enable active platforms to explore the environment. We integrate IMU and other sensor data with adaptive motor control systems for dynamic stabilization and navigation.

Prototyping and Production

We can design, fabricate, and test experimental prototypes, and optimize solutions for product production runs. We have contacts in the USA and abroad and have experience with outsourcing medium run manufacturing of custom electronic solutions.


Modern technology facilitates increasingly more intelligent devices which can benefit from information gathered from multiple sensors. High performance computing is now available in tiny form factors and with very low power requirements, while new sensor technologies allow many kinds of environmental cues to be monitored in real-time. This opens up the way to compute more complex and abstract information about what actions are occurring in the neighborhood of a mobile device, or relating to how such a device is being used. New forms of smart data integration therefore enable rich and exciting new interactivity scenarios, paving the way for ever more impressive machines.